Become a validator

First of all you need to install, run and sync node, using instruction below

Start blockchain node on Ubuntu

Validation Requirements:

  • Your account must be registered in the x/referral module to delegate and start validation (you can send 1 AXM to another validator using the mobile app or send a register-referral tx from the axm node CLI).

  • You need at least 23 529.411765 AXM in the main wallet to delegate to your own validator with a create-validator tx (you receive 20 000 AXM to the delegation balance because this amount will be decreased by 15% due to partner commissions payout).

  • At least a 4-core modern CPU (desktop or server line, not mobile solutions).

  • 16+ GB RAM.

  • NVMe SSD 500+ GB (Blockchain grows around 1-2GB per week).

  • 50+ Mbit/s low-latency network.

P.S. We can change these hardware requirements due to blockchain and node network growth as we accumulate more real usage statistics.

We strongly recommend to read following article to undestend how Comet BFT network building concept.

Then you need an account with at least 23 529.411765 AXM to delegate and start the node. Also, you need to add the key of your account to run necessary commands.

axmd keys add <mykey> --recover

Remark: This manual assumes your node binary is available on $PATH and DAEMON_HOME is set to its default location ($HOME/.axmd).

Now you need to create a JSON file with validator configuration (validator.json or something you like):

  "pubkey": {"@type":"/cosmos.crypto.ed25519.PubKey","key":"<your-validator-key>"},
  "amount": "<your-staking-amount>",
  "moniker": "<public-name-of-your-validator>"


  • your-validator-key is the validator key from the axmd comet show-validator command output.

  • your-staking-amount is the initial self-stake of the validator in uaxm (must be 20 000 000 000 uaxm or higher. Don't forget about the x/referral module commission - use not less than 23 529 411 765 uaxm).

  • moniker is your node's public name (shown in the app's staking list, changing this name costs tokens).

Now, send a transaction to create your validator and start signing blocks:

axmd tx staking create-validator validator.json --from <mykey> --gas auto --gas-adjustment=1.45 --gas-prices=1.7uaxm --chain-id axiome-1

Wait a few seconds for the transaction to be processed. Now your validator is running. You can check it in the validators list by running:

axmd q staking validators

Additional information can be found in Cosmos SDK x/staking and x/distribution modules docs

Important note: If you are preparing to become a validator, please contact us on Telegram (we work with requests from 11:00 to 14:00 Central European Time). We will add you to the validators community group for better coordination of work, and if necessary, we will provide advisory support.

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